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What is a UPC Barcode and why do I need one?

A Universal Product Code (or UPC Barcode) is a unique 12-digit number assignment which tracks sales & inventory of a product. It is required by most retailers worldwide.

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Cost Effective, Official UPC Barcodes

A Universal Product Code (UPC) is a unique 12-digit number assignment that tracks sales and inventory of a product. It is required by most retailers worldwide. Because a company must buy a large number of barcodes when assigning them to a new product, it can be costly and inefficient for small businesses to purchase GS1 barcodes when they only need a few. That’s where Barcodes Express comes in. We are a proud “reseller” of barcodes under our manufacturer ID, and we sell single barcodes to hundreds of barcodes at a fraction of the usual cost.

It has never been easier to buy UPC codes online. Simply check out with our secure site and the barcodes will be electronically delivered to you. It’s that easy!

If you need a larger number of barcodes than we offer, please give us a call at (855) 282 – 8719 or email us today for a custom quote.


"I am amazed at the level of service I received from Barcodes Express. Before making a purchase I sent an email just to ask a quick question about purchasing barcodes, as I was new to the process, and I received a personal email response quickly. This was during the busy holiday season as well, which really impressed me. With so many similar companies selling bogus or otherwise useless barcodes, I feel very fortunate to have come across Barcodes Express. I got my first barcode very easily along with a certificate of authenticity. In short, I was very pleased with the staff and level of care shown for my individual business needs."

"I trust Barcodes Express will be handling my barcode needs from here on out as my business expands!"

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